Artist Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant For A Book That Helps Kids Cope With Moving

Meet Mitch Boyer's six-foot-tall best friend, Vivian.


There's nothing that's terribly fun about having to move. While there are always some perks — the novelty of new cities, the possibilities of new friendships — to picking up and heading off on a new adventure, relocating to a new city is always stressful, especially if you're a kid. You say goodbye to things and people that are both comfortable and familiar. You wonder if you'll fit in. You feel, at least for a while, a little bit rootless.

Brooklyn-based artist Mitch Boyer knows what it's like to move around. "Including my childhood," he writes of himself on his website, "I've lived in 9 states, 15 cities, and 22 different houses or apartments. Let's just say I'm really good at moving."

With those experiences, as well as a talent for photography at his disposal, Boyer aims to ease some of the anxieties that kids might feel when they find themselves heading to a new town, with his Kickstarter-funded book, Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn

In it, Boyer Photoshopped his Dachshund, Vivian, into a six-foot-tall canine giant

He uploaded some of his pictures from the forthcoming book to Instagram.

Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn is described as on Boyer's website as being "about a big dog moving to the 'big city,' designed to help kids deal with big changes like moving." Boyer's storyline is one that everyone — including adults — can relate to. "Vivian's disappointed when she arrives in New York and discovers she is the only giant wiener dog around. Will she stay in Brooklyn, or run back to her old home?"

The book, which also features lettering and drawings by artist Valerie Navarro, was funded in just one week and is currently in production.

We're looking forward to the adventures of Vivian the dog in the city that we share.

You can check out more of Mitch Boyer's work here, but, even better, you can see more of Vivian the dog on her Instagram.


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