Misty Copeland Recreates Iconic Ballet Paintings In Purely Stunning Fashion

Such grace and beauty.

Misty Copeland, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, never ceases to impress.

Copeland, an inspirational and strong woman, made history in June when she was named the American Ballet Theatre's first African-American female dancer, 

Not to mention she's got some seriously superhuman moves.

And in a recent editorial shoot for Harper's Bazaar, the magazine paired Copeland's craft and Edgar Degas' iconic paintings together for a spectacularly beautiful spread.

In the photos, Copeland recreates poses inspired by Degas' "paintings and sculptures of dancers at the Paris Opera Ballet," according to the magazine

The images, which will be printed in the magazine's March issue, also promote a new Degas exhibition at the Museum Of Modern Art and reveal "what it feels like [for Copeland] to make history," the publication explains. 


"I definitely feel like I can see myself in [Degas' 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen'] sculpture — she just seems content but also reserved," Copeland says in the article. "Ballet was just the one thing that brought me to life."

And now, she's bringing these paintings and sculptures back to life in the most glorious way.

Check out images and behind-the-scenes footage below:

(H/T: Coloures)


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