The Man In This Video Is A Total Jerk, But Can You Figure Out Why?

He totally got us the first time.

Meet Mr. W, a loner who always felt like the black sheep, disliked and misunderstood.


"People just didn't seem to like me. I think I annoyed them. I don't know why," Mr. W says in his video.

But one day, everything changed. Mr. W met someone who was able to see past his harsh exterior and accept him for who he was.

Sounds pretty gloomy, right? Let's see if you can figure out Mr. W's secret after watching this video.

"Mr. W" is a commercial created for wind and solar energy company Epuron. It was released back in 2007 and has won numerous awards since then, including a Cannes Gold Lion. Recently, it's been popping up on the net once again, inviting more people to discover its brilliance.

The commercial brilliantly embodies wind power, still unpopular in many circles, as an awkward, outcast human being. The Vikings, the creative agency behind the video, says that this way people feel connected to the topic of wind power without feeling like they're being lectured.

However, the team admitted that the hardest part of their job was finding an actor that could play a convincing role of the wind. The actor who was hired was actually the last guy to show up to the casting.

We hope this ad gives you a little chuckle and makes you appreciate wind more.

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