Missy Elliott Surprises A Fan Who Went Viral For Performing 'Work It'

Thanks to Ellen.

Mary Halsey, who went viral for her performance of Missy Elliott's "Work It," finally got the meet the woman herself this week, and it's all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. The host welcomed Halsey on her show and set up the perfect surprise.


Halsey told DeGeneres that she's been performing the song (her "go-to" karaoke track) for 15 years, and the video which went viral on Twitter is from a "Karaoke Sunday" at her local park. Elliott herself noticed the clip and shared it with her followers last month, tweeting, "I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER."

The host asked Halsey if she knew what the song's suggestive lyrics mean, to which she replied, "I do, but I wasn't thinking about them when I was singing them."

DeGeneres invited her to perform the song for her audience, but little did Halsey know that Elliott herself was waiting in the wings. The rapper's voice could be heard accompanying Halsey before she revealed herself. The pair then finished the song together and embraced. Fellow guest Kristen Bell watched the whole thing, and seemed to enjoy every minute.

Later, Elliott shared a video of her and Halsey together, thanking DeGeneres for bringing her on the show and calling her "1 of the sweetest ppl I've met" and "a gem." We're so glad these two finally found each other.

Check out the surprise in the video below:


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