Miss Universe Contestants Share Selfies Without Makeup To Promote Natural Beauty

Flaunt it, girls!

Let's be honest — when you think of the Miss Universe pageant, natural beauty doesn't come to mind at first. The mental picture more or less consists of spray tan, teeth whitening strips, push-up bras, hair extensions, layers and layers of makeup, you name it!

However, this year Miss Universe contestants decided to shatter the outdated stereotype that beauty pageant girls are like walking, talking Barbie dolls. 

And they did so by celebrating the one thing that really matters — being confident in your own skin.


It all started when last year's winner Paulina Vega shared a makeup-free selfie on Twitter.

Vega encouraged Miss Universe 2015 contestants, as well as all women around the world, to share no-makeup selfies with the hashtag #ConfidentlyBeautiful, thus celebrating their inborn fierceness.

The challenge majorly caught on.

Several pageant contestants, including the newly chosen Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, took it to social media to confidently state they feel pretty darn good with what Mother Nature gave them.

"My 1st day as #MissUniverse has officially begun! Starting it off fresh-faced and #ConfidentlyBeautiful," she posted on Twitter.

Check out more gorgeous makeup-free selfies from Miss Universe contestants below and be sure to share what makes you feel #ConfidentlyBeautiful!

Monika Radulovic, Miss Australia

Hilda Akua, Miss Ghana

Claudia Barrionuevo, Miss Argentina

Clarissa Molina, Miss Dominican Republic

Refilwe Mthimuny, Miss South Africa

Joanna Cooper, Miss Ireland

Toria Nichole, Miss Bahamas

Laura Spoya, Miss Peru

Lisa Drouillard, Miss Haiti

Anindya Kusuma Putri, Miss Indonesia


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