Miss Colorado Tells Touching Story About A Patient Who Reminded Her She's More Than 'Just A Nurse'

You are a lifesaver.

Miss Colorado had an important story for all of the nurses out there at this year's Miss America Pageant.


Kelley Johnson took center stage, stethoscope and all, in Atlantic City to deliver a monologue about her other profession when she is away from all the glitz and lights.

She decided to tell a story about one of her patients, named Joe, who had Alzheimers disease. Even though his memory will begin to fade over time, Kelley had a special moment with him that will last a lifetime.

She started by explaining that Joe was important because he was a patient that reminded her of why she chose nursing as a career.

She told the crowd that Joe experienced horrific night terrors, but that she was always there to rush in to his room, take his hand and calm him down. 

When he asked for her to change his medications and treatments, she responded by saying, "No Joe, I can't, I'm just a nurse." 

Even though she might not have been able to fulfill his requests, the two were able to connect on a different, more personal level. Instead of talking about which pills to take, they talked about volleyball, grandkids and life.

Little did she know, her actions were helping more than she imagined.

As she continued to tell the audience about the times they laughed together, she spoke about one night that changed her entire perspective.

As Kelley explained, one night she found Joe crying in his room. That's when she decided to tell him something very important.

She told her patient, "Joe, I know this is really hard, but you are not defined by this disease. You are not just Alzheimers."

That's when Joe looked up to Kelley to tell her something equally important in return. Although faced with a debilitating disease, Joe said to her:

"Nurse Kelley, then the same goes for you. Although you say it all the time, you are not just a nurse."

Kelley began to choke up a bit from the touching story she was recounting, but continued to tell everyone what Joe told her that night.

He went on, "You are my nurse and you have changed my life because you have cared about me."

She concluded triumphantly upon the realization that she was in fact a lifesaver, that she was never going to be "Just a nurse."

Watch her full monologue below.


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