Widowed Mother Can't Hold Back Tears After Her Daughter Does This One Special Thing

We should all do this for our parents.

Parents are used to having to reassure their children that things are going to be OK, that they're doing well, and that they're proud of them. 

But while we expect our parents to take care of us, we often forget that sometimes they need us to take care of them. 

That's why Minute Maid is inviting sons and daughters to partake in their #DoingGood campaign. In this campaign, people are invited to use the hashtag to create YouTube videos that publicly recognize their parents' hard work.  

The videos begin by asking parents one simple question they probably haven't been asked in a long time: 


“How do you think you’re doing?”

In their latest installment of this campaign, Minute Maid posed the question to Rachel Oldham. 

Oldham had her doubts. Her husband of 23 years had died of cancer two years prior, so she has been balancing both mother and father roles for her daughter, Claire.  

"Being a widowed mom, it's a challenge, " Oldham says in the Minute Maid video. "I feel like I've got the mom thing down pretty good, but the dad thing, I constantly am questioning myself making sure that she's getting everything that she needs. There was a lot of tough conversations that happened, and I tried to be as open and honest as possible." 

14-year-old Claire, on the other hand, thinks her mom is the most important person in her life and is doing an amazing job. 

So, Claire wrote her mom a letter telling mom just how much she means to her.

"I often forget to tell you how much you mean to me,” Claire writes. “You gave up everything for me so I could follow my dreams."

It was exactly what her mom needed to hear.

We could all make more of an effort to let our parents know how much we appreciate them and how lucky we feel to have them. 

You can hear the rest of the letter by checking out the video below:

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