We're All Going To Be Affected By Climate Change, But Not Everyone Will Have The Same Experience


The effects of climate change are already here. Many people know that it means big things for animals around the world, but may not know what it means for themselves. 

Sometimes it may seem like humans have become so technologically advanced that we are immune from the effects of the natural world, but that simply isn't true. The lifestyles we've enjoyed up to this point are in danger of changing drastically.

In the most recent video for Minute Earth, its team members from around the globe talk about the most pressing concerns they face in their respective communities. From wildfires to water insecurity to the possibility of being unable to meet energy needs to food shortages, climate change has the power to transform life for humans, and not particularly for the better.

Check out the video below:


What similarities do you see in yours?

Nobody will be able to hide from the effects of climate change. If that sounds scary to you, it's time to put a plan into action.

Ready to step up and make a change? Contact your local leaders and tell them to support policies to take action against greenhouse gas emissions. Use #OursToLose in social media to help draw attention to this important issue and let others know what's going on.


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