The Minnesota Vikings Rookie Photos Will Take You Back To Picture Day As A Kid

First day of class.

If you attended grade school in the '90s or early '00s, you likely remember picture day vividly, even if you like to pretend you've blacked it out. The generic backgrounds, the rigid sitting, the being unable to realize you're tilting your head ... good times, no?

Clearly the Minnesota Vikings 2016 rookie class remembers grade school pictures fondly, because its "first day of class" portraits are in and they channel everything gloriously tacky about that time in their lives. While some of the guys just went for straightforward smiles, a couple photos go above and beyond, and even the ones that don't are elevated by the simple colorful laser backgrounds that are so-very-'90s.


Apparently the art actually came courtesy of professional portrait company Lifetouch:

Here's your clear winner:

The full collection of headshots is over at the Vikings' official site. Enjoy.

(H/T: For The Win via Bleacher Report)


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