YouTuber Shatters Frozen Flowers Like Glass To Show How Cold It Is In Minnesota

Definitely trying this at home!

Some people start shivering the moment the first snowflakes hit the ground. Others feel truly alive only when the temperatures drop way below zero.

Then there are people like Nathan Ziegler, who find creative ways to use the brutal winter weather to their advantage and at least have some fun with it. 

Since 2007, Ziegler — an upper school principal from Minneapolis — and his family have been making "Minnesota Cold" videos that have two simple goals: show everyone how freaking cold Minnesota is and uncover peculiar phenomena that happen to things when they freeze.


In his latest video, Ziegler demonstrates what happens to flowers left outside in 8-degree weather:

Well, you know how what say — shards bring luck. Plus, it really seems like a fun experiment to try at home with some old flowers.

(H/T: Minnesota Cold | 22 Words)


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