7 Mind Tricks You Can Use To Prank Your Friends Or Win A Bet

See how many fool you before pulling one over on your pals.

What are some good mind tricks to pull on friends? The Internet has some devious ideas, as you might expect. But we believe in pranking responsibly here at A Plus, so the mind tricks below are all harmless … unless, of course, confused head-scratching is harmful. See how many of these mind tricks fool you, and then get ready to pull one over on your pals.


1. The Checkerboard Illusion

See that square marked A? It's obviously darker than the square marked B, right? Au contraire. It's actually the exact same hue. Not only is this a mind trick to play on friends, it could also be an easy way to earn a little moolah if you bet money on it. See other optical illusions here.

2. The Rock-Paper-Scissors Trick

Imgur user Youowemealife posted a bunch of psychological tactics your friends might think are Jedi mind tricks. For example, if you're playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with a buddy, ask a personal question right before the countdown. Your opponent, Youowemealife says, will almost always defensively throw down scissors. See more of these crazy mind tricks here.

3. The McGurk Effect

The McGurk effect makes for one of the best mind tricks to play on your friends, and it involves two of your senses fooling each other. Basically, your eyes can play tricks on your ears, and vice versa. YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE compiled some of these illusions into a video you won't believe, and once you start believing it, you can see if your friends are just as incredulous.

4. The Vegetable Trick

No, we're not suggesting a mind trick to do on friends to get 'em to eat their veggies. We're talking about a funny phenomenon. We'll demonstrate — just answer the questions below.

What's 1 plus 1?
What's 2 plus 2?
What's 4 plus 4?
What's 8 plus 8?
Name a vegetable.

Did you name a veggie, say, Bugs Bunny might favor? Nine out of 10 people do, as BBC Future reports, because carrots are "prototypical" vegetables.

5. The Cow Trick

Here's another mind trick of which BBC Future reminded us. Again, follow the instructions below.

Say "silk" 20 times.
Now, what do cows drink?

If you said "milk," join the club. Hate to break it to you, but cows mostly drink water.

6. The Awareness Test

Think nothing escapes your powers of perception? Alright, Sherlock Holmes, watch the video below. We won't spoil it, but once you reach the end of the minute-long clip, you'll probably agree this is one of the coolest mind tricks to play on friends. Then check out other mind-bending videos here.

7. The “F” Trick

How many F's are in this sentence?


If you said 3, 4, or 5, you're certainly not alone. But there are actually 6. And no, we don't get it either.

Cover image: Matheus FerreroUnsplash


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