Mind The Gap With Us Over The Next 292 Days

It's time to get down to business.

Mind The Gap With Us Over The Next 292 Days

Here at A Plus, workplace equality is never far from our minds or from our editorial calendar. 

We've written stories about what men can do to address the gender pay gap so that women are paid 100 percent — not 80 — of what they make. We've discussed the fact that, although a disparity exists in pay for men and women, that doesn't mean all women are paid equally. We've covered the sexual harassment that female scientists of color are too often subjected to and the ongoing efforts to fill the STEM pipeline.  We've even published an original op-ed by Mila Kunis about the gender bias she's faced as a professional in Hollywood.

So when our founder started a conversation online about gender equality in the workplace, we knew we had to get involved.

We'll publish 10 articles about women, wages, and the workplace over the next 292 days — or, to put it another way, over 80 percent of the next year. 

Check back in August for our first story on the wage gap and the women waging war against it.


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