Are Millennials Actually Snake People? This Hilarious Chrome Extension Seems To Think So.

We've been hiding it this entire time.

Since the term "millennial" was coined, the generation has been the subject of many a think piece attempting to explain just how lazy/selfish/privileged/shallow they are. But 32-year-old graphic designer Eric Bailey of Boston set out on a brave goal to turn the Internet around, creating a Google Chrome extension that switched "Millennials" to "snake people" — and the results are fantastic. 

Apparently, the idea came to him after reading one too many think pieces on Millennials — I mean, snake people — and their awful ways. "I saw one article too many and then I had some free time," said Bailey

At age 32, Bailey does not consider himself a millennial, but said that he created the extension in partial solidarity with the generation that gets more flak from their older peers than is warranted. 

"I've got a lot of empathy I guess," he told Market Watch. 

19 people have downloaded the extension at the time of writing, but more importantly, Bailey's creation has caused a frenzy on the Twittersphere. It's telling of how the demographic feels about such analyses of their characters as a whole group. According to a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, 66 percent of those in the age bracket do not think the term accurately describes them.


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