8 Reasons Why Every Millennial Should Date Someone From Another Country At Least Once

#5 especially.

As a Lithuanian dating a French man, I recently came to realize that, in fact, in my entire life I have never dated another Lithuanian native. 

Throughout the years, I had crushes on guys from literally every single continent, be it Australia or South America, but Lithuanians never popped up on my radar. Even in my closest circle of friends it seems to be trendy to go all internationales: a Swede dating a Brit, a Canadian marrying a Syrian or an American going out with a Korean. This got me wondering. What is it about people from other countries that is so attractive?

So here goes eight reasons why every millennial should try dating someone from another country. At least once in their life. 


1. That sexy accent.

Foreign accents can make anything sound sexy. Yep. Even a grocery list can be pretty damn hot. 

There's just something magical about the way they pronounce the word "to-mae-toe."

2. No need to deal with your better half's parents, which, lets be honest, can be pretty stressful.

For many of us, going over for dinner at a significant other's parents place can be a rather stressful experience. Picking the right wine, wearing the right outfit and the most troublesome part of it all — saying the right things. 

Well if you are dating a foreigner, chances are that his or her parents live in another country. Meaning, no awkward Sunday roasts. 

Even better, you and the parents might not speak a common language. Just smile and wave, smile and wave. They'll love you.

3. You learn something new every day.

Be it a "casual" wine tasting with a Frenchie, "throwing another shrimp on the barbie" with an Aussie or making Midsummer's Day floral wreaths with your Swede, you get to learn and experience a completely new culture from up close.

You discover new surprising things about their culture every day, just as they do about yours, and it rarely gets boring. Why chit-chat about what you had for lunch, when with your foreign lover you can talk about the exciting world out there? Literally.

4. Not being a tourist.

Going to Paris with your crush sounds pretty magical. Now, imagine being in Paris with your Parisian crush. 

While tourist queue to see the view from the Eiffel Tower, you get to see the real deal. This is the good stuff you can't find in the Lonely Planet guidebook.

5. They have the weirdest, but also the most adorable habits.

Like kissing people hello when they meet them for the first time.  

Oh là là. Don't know how about you, but that does sound pretty damn hot to us.

5. They are mysterious.

And who doesn't like a bit of mystery in their life?

Everything, from the way people from other countries eat breakfast to their political views, is just so... exotic and fresh. And there's nothing worse than predictable.

The good news is that they also think you are super exotic. Certainly a win-win.

6. You'll expand your taste in music.

Be it up-and-coming DJs from their hood that no one knows on your side of the pond just yet or some seriously good salsa tunes, you are sure to start appreciating it.

7. If you ever raise kids, they'll speak multiple languages straight away.

Yep. Just think how cool your kids will be. 

Oh you know, just casually conversing in Japanese, German and English like it's no biggie. 

8. You get to brag about it.

Heck yeah. 

Oh, sweet exotic love.

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