4 Millennial Guys Spend 30 Days Straight Breaking Rules To Turn Their Lives Around

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Millennials are often perceived as "lazy, self-absorbed and needy.

But are we really?


Meet Thomas.

After graduating from college, he spent four months thinking what he actually wants to do with his life. Sounds familiar, right? 

"It's not that I was lazy, entitled and empathetic," Thomas explains in the video below. "It's the time that has changed and society has given me the path that I felt was outdated."

Well, in search of his own answers, Thomas teamed up with three complete strangers: Matt, Derin and Ammar. They started with a list of things that their family and friends advised them not to do, but they went on and did them anyway, just to get out of their comfort zones. For 30 days straight.

Day 1: You're not an artist.

Day 6: Men don't get waxed.

Day 11: Do not follow your friends if they jump of a bridge.

Day 20: LARPing is for nerds.

Day 21: Monday sucks.

Day 22: The mayor is too busy to see you.

Says who?!

Make sure to watch the entire video below. You might feel inspired to turn your life around, too.


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