Millennials Do So Much More Than They Are Given Credit For

Because we prefer social good over personal profit.

We've been called the "Me Me Generation" and the "Selfie Generation." We've been accused of being lazy, entitled and apathetic. 

But how much truth do these labels hold? 

While millennials spend far more time on social media than their predecessors, their specific activities and participation in this medium sometimes go overlooked.  

Well, perhaps it's time to take notice, because millenials are looking at so much more than just cat videos, celebrity gossip and listicles. 

Fortunately, Welzoo and Column Five Media, two organizations that support social change, have collaborated to make "The Millennial Rebuttal" —a video that defends this generation, and draws attention to the things they have accomplished through their use of social media. 


"They say we don't care, but our actions say otherwise," it says in the video description. "Maybe they just aren't looking in the right places, like our social media, crowdfunding sites, and good deeds online. Millennials mobilize for change in new, high-tech ways, and data continually show that we prefer social good over personal profit." 

The powerful video shows the things generation y is supposedly "wasting their time on" are usually impactful stories of courage, love, and change. 

So next time, think twice before you call a millennial lazy.  

H/T Reddit 


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