Miley Cyrus Is A Champion For Transgender Youth. Now She Wants To Tell Their Stories.

#InstaPride will share trans people's 'stories of resilience.'


From Disney child star to pop phenomenon, Miley Cyrus was on a well-worn path that many before her have similarly taken (albeit in a less risqué fashion). But the "We Can't Stop" singer is differing herself from her predecessors in a most admirable way, using her fame to champion the cause of one of the most discriminated groups in the country — transgender youth. In collaboration with her Happy Hippie Foundation that helps fight injustice against LGBT and homeless youth, Miley Cyrus' new #InstaPride Campaign will share transgender men and women's stories.

The singer and philantropist struck up a partnership between her Happy Happie Foundation and Instagram for the campaign. Launched on Monday#InstaPride aims at celebrating transgender and "gender expansive" people, and over the next two weeks will share their "stories of resilience." 

The first person featured on the project was 19-year-old film student Leo Sheng, who is documenting his transition from female to male. Sheng wrote that he used to be afraid of sharing pictures of himself, but has since learned that how "powerful" sharing can be.

"If there's anything that the last few years have taught me," he wrote in an Instagram blog post, "it's that living an unapologetic existence is the most freeing thing you can do."

Instagram users can participate in the #InstaPride project by uploading their own photos and stories. The campaign comes on the heels of the Happy Hippie Foundation's successful partnership with Facebook, which saw Cyrus and her friends perform classic covers in the Backyard Sessions.

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