After Being Called Out, Miley Cyrus Changes The Hashtag For Her New Tattoo Post

Because it's OK to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Miley Cyrus has an impressive range of tattoos on her body, but when she uploaded a photo of her newest ink on Instagram yesterday, it caused a bit of a stir.

The pop star referred to her new tat as #lilbbjupiter, but Teen Vogue was quick to point out her planet tattoo seemed to be an image of Saturn, not Jupiter. 

Check out the distinctive rings: 


In true Miley fashion, she kept things light by simply updating her hashtag to  #stonerasfuck

While this exchange might have been a little silly, the message behind it is there's no shame in making mistakes and having a laugh at your own expense now and then. 

Here are some bonus images of Saturn tattoos, just in case you'd like to have a planet of your own and are looking for some inspo.


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