Miley Cyrus And Jimmy Fallon Came Up With Some Creative Ways To Photobomb Unsuspecting Fans

Their reactions are priceless.

"Miley Week" continued on The Tonight Show Tuesday, as Miley Cyrus joined host Jimmy Fallon to photobomb some unsuspecting fans while they posed in a chair from The Voice.

Fallon has done this kind of thing with his celebrity guests before, including a funny "mascot" edition with The Rock earlier this year. It's always entertaining to see the fans' reactions after they pose for the photos.


Just as entertaining is watching how Fallon and his famous partner in crime choose to insert themselves into the fans' photos. This time, he and Cyrus did everything from donning giant cowboy hats to sharing a hot dog. Things get really experimental when they join hands for "the wave."

The pair's antics, combined with the photo shoot's Voice-themed set, make it seem like Cyrus and Fallon are performing blind auditions — without the singing. But we don't think we've ever seen The Voice coaches quite as excited about a performance as some of these fans were about meeting the stars.

One young woman was so excited to see Cyrus that she didn't even notice Fallon at first. But when she did, her reaction was priceless. As one YouTube commenter summed it up: "I love you, I love The Voice, it's my favo...JIMMYFALLONOHMIGOD!!!"

Check out all the reactions in the video below:


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