Alyssa Milano Challenges Wendy Williams On Breastfeeding In Public

"Not made for sexual things.”

Actress Alyssa Milano visited The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday to discuss numerous topics, including an Instagram picture of Milano breastfeeding her daughter, Elizabella. The photo sparked a wide debate, so Williams asked Milano about her reaction to the debate.

"I was surprised. I was then put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate, which I love," Milano said. "It was kind of shocking that we were that opinionated about something that is supposed to be so incredibly natural."

"I'm opinionated," Wendy Williams said on the show. Williams, who is also a mother, is opposed to breastfeeding in public.

Milano asked, "What about it upsets you?"

"I don't need to see that," Williams said. "Because I just don't want to."

Milano asked, "Would you eat under a blanket?"

Williams said, "I would go to the car."

"Why is it OK to show that picture of Miley Cyrus with two suspenders over her breasts," Milano said as she was cut off by the loud applause of the audience.

"Yes, they're more sexual than a feeding thing," Williams said. "And I don't know why I feel this way. I'm a mom also. Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life your breasts are sexual things. They're fun bags."

"Biologically they're not made for sexual things," Milano said. "That's what we've done to them."

Milano also said that public breastfeeding is normal across the world.

"You're lucky the baby's not here," Milano said. "I'd [take] them out right here on your show."


The crowd went nuts and Williams couldn’t take it anymore.

Williams admitted that she did breastfeed her son for two weeks, but he became too "ravenous."

"Once you become your mother, it doesn't mean you take away your sexuality," Williams said.

On that particular point, Milano agreed that you shouldn't change who you are when you became a parent.

Moms, like Alyssa Milano, are proudly speaking out in favor of public breastfeeding, including some who are using humor to show people that it's perfectly normal.

Watch the full video:

(H/T: ABC News)


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