The World's Coolest Weatherman Uses Madonna Lyrics To Make His Weekend Forecast

"Some parts of the region will be touched for the very first time by rain this month..."

"Just like a prayer, our Mike Thomas is back with another important D.C. concert forecast," writes Fox 5 DC on their latest YouTube video.

In preparation for the Queen of Pop's show in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, Thomas prepared an epic forecast that featured Madonna lyrics slipped seamlessly into the weather report.


"Now somebody try and some boys lie but I don't let them play. I'm gonna nail this forecast today," Thomas begins. "So come on Fox 5 viewers do you believe in weather? 'Cause I got something to say about it and it goes a little something like this."

"We're going to make the good times last because all that humidity is finally out of here as well."

"But unfortunately the nighttime hours could feature some rain showers as well. Yes, rain, feel it on my fingertips, hear it on my windowpane..."

And it just keeps going and going (not that we're complaining).

"The rain is a good thing. It is very much needed. Some parts of the region will be touched for the very first time by rain this month on Saturday," Thomas adds with a slight melodic tone..

Be sure to watch the full forecast below. You won't want to miss a single line.

And this isn't the first time Thomas has made an incredible celebrity-inspired forecast...

In July, Thomas did a Taylor Swift version of the weather forecast that had the Internet completely engaged.

Hats off to you, sir. 

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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