This Cab Driver Takes Photos Of His Passengers For The Sake Of Art

Not your ordinary cab driver.

Mike Harvey is not your average cab driver. Mike spent years driving a taxi in a city of Neath in Wales, during which he started documenting the diversity of passengers that took his cab.

"I was fascinated by the cross section of society that was represented by the journeys - people from all walks of life, rich, poor, old and young," Mike explained in his project's press release sent to A+. 

Mike drove a cab over a period of four years to fund his travels to India, Nepal, Egypt, Brazil and China. He'd work for a couple of months and travel for a few, then get back to Neath, Wales, and start taxi-driving again to earn the money for his future travels.

Take a look at Mike's photo series titled "The Taxi" below. We can't stop thinking about stories every each passenger would have to tell, can you?


TAXI FARE £7.63.

TAXI FARE £4.00.

TAXI FARE £3.06.

TAXI FARE £13.90.

TAXI FARE £4.58.

TAXI FARE £5.72.

TAXI FARE £4.66.

TAXI FARE £5.15.

TAXI FARE £2.87.

TAXI FARE £4.66.

Make sure to check out Mike's website to find out more about "The Taxi" project. He also has some pretty exciting projects coming up soon, such as docummenting a cross-section of people in a town of Dorset.

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