This NBA Player Shut Down Trolls Who Suggested His Son Was ‘Too White’ To Be His With A Silly But Powerful Tweet

"My little guy."

NBA baller Mike Conley Jr. is making it clear that he's not that nice when it comes to people making accusations about his wife, Mary, and their son, Myles. 

Recently, the Turf Talk Boys Twitter account posted a message claiming Conley's son is "too white" to be his biological child, along with a picture of the interracial family.


But the 29-year-old Memphis Grizzlies player got the last laugh when tweeting a meme of tabloid talk show host Maury Povich, with the caption "The results are in. Mike, you are the father," in reference to the show's infamous paternity tests.

There was no "Mr. Nice Guy" when Conley responded to the account, run by folks who describe themselves as "just a couple of degenerates blogging about sports and life," and who claimed Conley was staying with a woman who they alleged was cheating on him and had given birth to a "White" baby.

The proud dad posted a pic of his nearly 1-year-old son later, captioning it "My little guy #BlueEyes #runsinthefam #imNOTthatnice."

This situation reminds us that there's no real way to tell what a child of mixed race will or should look like. It also points out that others don't have a right to "decide" if someone does or doesn't look like "right" based on their parents' looks or preconceived ideas about genetics. Photographer CYJO proved just that in her photo series Mixed Blood, which captured stunning portraits of interracial families in both New York and Beijing.

"These portraits and narratives illustrate how their love naturally crosses boundaries," she said to the Huffington Post.

If Census Bureau predictions prove correct, then by 2043 no single racial group will be the majority in the U.S., meaning Myles will be among the significantly increasing population of people who self-identify with multiple races. And that's arguably something to celebrate, not make fun of.

One fan wrote in Conley's defense, "All u saying it's not his obviously don't know how genetics works … My daughter came out super light and her hair is straight, but I'm black and husband is white."

Regardless, it's clear that the hurtful message within the tweet won't phase Conley, who seems like he'll continue being the loving, doting dad little Myles needs.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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