You Can Literally Shine Bright Like A Diamond With This Next-Level Makeup Technique

Time to shine, people!

You might be the master of contouring and your cat eye might be perfectly winged, but even then you couldn't compare to this awe-inspiring holiday look created by Mikaela Holmes.

Holmes, a San Francisco-based costume and experimental fashion designer, has really taken women's usual primping routines to the next level with her latest beauty experiment that she refers to as fiber-optic makeup.


Behold — fiber-optic makeup. This look is guaranteed to make you the star of the evening and you can easily do it yourself!

Mikaela, who also works as an in-house content creator for the Instructables Design Studio, shared a tutorial on how to create the same magical glowing makeup at home. 

Here are a few steps from her instructions:

First of all, you will have to get yourself some optical fiber strands and LEDs to make the hairpiece that powers the light.

You will also need plastic crystals that will be glued onto the glowing fibers.

After applying the base makeup, and gluing the fibers and crystals, you can add extra rhinestones around the eye area to create an even sparklier effect.

The final makeup should look something like this. Note the glitter. The rule here is simple — anything goes!

"I chose to create a frosty sparkle look that would work well for New Year's or an ice princess-type costume, but I think this fiber-optic trick could be a great addition to a lot of different makeup looks.

By using different colored lights and gems you could create all sorts of moods and characters," Holmes writes in her tutorial.

"For your next holiday party, you don't need genetic engineering or even electronics skills to turn yourself into a dazzling luminescent creature," she says.

"All you need is a few supplies and a bit of patience with small objects and glue."

Check out the making-of video below and get ready to bedazzle yourself!


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