This Man Takes Self-Portraits That Make It Look Like He's Flying


Most of us have at least a couple "jumping" pictures. Yep, the ones that say "Hey, look, I'm at the beach" or "I'm in front of the Eiffel Tower" and generally makes us look super cool.

Sure they're great, but judging by these photos you've got some serious competition.

Mickael Jou, a French-American dancer-turned-photographer who currently lives in Berlin, really stepped up the entire jumping pictures game. A little while back he started his 365 Self-Portrait project with the aim of capturing 365 photos of himself dancing in the air. And oh boy, these snaps are stunning. It's as if Jou had a supernatural power that allows him to glide through the air.


"I'm a trained dancer, and I used to dance ballet and modern dance in the streets of Paris," Jou told A+.

"Tourists would quite often photograph and film me dancing in Paris, and after seeing the pictures taken of me, I figured that I should try it out."

"And so I bought a camera and read the instruction manual."

Jou has been working on the project for almost three years now.

He needs three more years to finish the project...

...which will round up to 365 "flying" self-portraits in total.

It's a little bit like "The Matrix" meets ballet, don't you think?

You can check out more Jou's photos on his website or his Facebook page.


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