World Champion Surfer Attacked By Shark On National Television

It was all caught on live television.

Mick Fanning was just waiting for another ride. Then his career nearly changed forever.

The professional surfer was competing in the  J-Bay Open in South Africa when a large shark appeared behind him, fin poking out of the water.

Fanning, a triple world champion surfer from Australia, had little time to react. 


One moment, all was normal...

The next moment, this...

With little time to react, all he could do is run for it...

After the incident, Fanning was nothing but relieved.

"To walk away from that, I'm just so stoked," he said. "Aw, man, I'm tripping."

Here he is moments after escaping:

But just how close was the shark? Here is his board afterwards, with his leash cut where the shark bit.

Check out the full video below:


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