5 Power Vloggers Team Up To Create 5 Manga-Inspired Looks That Will Clearly Win Halloween

Girl power.

Halloween is coming up and it's the time of the year when we're desperately looking for costume ideas.

Well, we might just have you covered.

Because who else is better to turn to when in need of inspiration for your Halloween makeup than your favorite beauty guru?


Oh hi, Michelle Phan.

This year, just in time for Halloween, YouTuber Michelle teamed up with her squad of fellow beauty bloggers  — JKissaIAmKarenOChrisspy and Desi Perkins  — to create five different characters from the anime series Sailor Moon.

We're talking gorgeous, cartoonish-looking creatures with giant anime eyes.

Michelle recreated the look of Kōan, the youngest of the four Ayakashi Sisters from the Black Moon Clan. 

Need we say it's absolutely stunning?             

The manga character of Kōan is known for being obsessed with makeup and shopping.

"I know, that's so me, right?" Michelle jokes.

The look is also pretty spot-on if you're planning to dress up as a witch, vampire or a dark fairy for Halloween, she explains in the video. Watch her entire tutorial below:

Make sure to check out the stunning manga makeovers by the rest of Michelle's squad.

Our Halloween makeup game will be strong this year. Surely.

Girl power at its finest.


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