Michelle Obama Wants You To Vote, And She Got Some Famous Faces To Convince You

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monaé, Tom Hanks, and more.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama really wants you to vote, and she recruited a few famous faces to tell you why it's so important. It's part of a new campaign called When We All Vote, which seeks to encourage Americans to vote in the midterm elections this November.

As People reports, one-fifth of eligible Americans were not registered to vote in 2014, and the country saw the lowest participation rate in the midterms since World War II, with just over one-third of eligible people casting a ballot. Obama and her co-chairs hope to change that this year.


That include Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, NBA star Chris Paul, singer and actress Janelle Monaé, actor Tom Hanks, and country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. They all appear in a new video for the initiative, in which they explain why it's so important to head to the polls. 

"If we really want to our voices to be heard we need to vote in every election," Obama tells Miranda. "Not just for president, but for every office: school board, state house, Senate — all of them."

In the video, Obama starts a chain reaction of celebrities calling each other about registering voters. Monaé is ahead of the game, handing out tablets to people so they can sign up. As she points out, 4 million Americans are turning 18 this year. "It's gonna be the young people of this generation that will change the world," she says.

As "America's dad" Tom Hanks tells those watching, "When we vote, we prove that we are a democracy, with a government of the people, and by the people."

You can sign up to vote or volunteer for the campaign on its website. According to Hello Giggles, When We All Vote will be training volunteers to register people to vote, as well as hosting events to encourage participation. November will be here before we know it, so it's important to get moving.

Watch the star-studded PSA in the video below:


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