Great News, Kids: Michelle Obama Just Joined Snapchat

Young people love this, right?

While her husband isn't the most-loved person in the United States, First Lady Michelle Obama has enjoyed a relatively high approval rating throughout her time in the White House. Frankly, considering the work she does to fight sexism, encourage young women to pursue education, and engage in thoughtful conversation through summits such as the United State of Women, she deserves even higher numbers.

Then again, to get the approval of the masses, you have to make sure you're reaching all of them — young groups especially. While Mrs. Obama has popped up on pop culture staples such as The Tonight Show over the years, an even better way to get in front of the youths is to play on their turf. Today, that turf happens to be Snapchat. So today, the First Lady has officially joined Snapchat.

That's right, people. Your FLOTUS is on Snapchat. As The Verge writes, Mrs. Obama's press secretary Joanna Rosholm helped her launch an official account as a way to "engage directly with young people on the platform." While more and more brands and public figures flooding a popular platform tends to eat into its cool factor, the First Lady's followers will get access to some admittedly awesome behind-the-scenes White House action, as well as her trip to Africa and Europe as part of the Let Girls Learn initiative.

To get in on the First Lady fun, follow her at MichelleObama. If you're not too cool, that is.

Cover image: FLOTUS via Twitter


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