Little Girl Who Gazed At Michelle Obama's Portrait Picks The Perfect Halloween Costume

"I want to be Michelle Obama."

Parker Curry, the little girl who was photographed earlier this year staring in awe at former First Lady Michelle Obama's official portrait, chose the perfect Halloween costume this week. Not only did she dress as Mrs. Obama, but she also wore a recreation of the Milly gown the first lady dons in the painting.


The original photo, taken at the National Portrait Gallery by Ben Hines, went viral for capturing the inspiring moment Parker set eyes onthe portrait by Amy Sherald. "It's important to me that I raise daughters who have the opportunity to see women who look like them doing great things," Parker's mom, Jessica Curry, wrote ina New York Times op-ed in March.

On Wednesday, Curry shared photos of Parker, now 3, with BuzzFeed News, and explained that when she asked her daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween, she had "no hesitation" when she responded, "I want to be Michelle Obama."

The gown was recreated by Alisha Welsh, who runs the company Magnolia Lake Children's Clothing. She had offered to make the dress previously, and Curry reached out to her with just a week and a half before Halloween. It arrived on Wednesday, just in time for Parker to wear it trick-or-treating. She called it "perfect."

BuzzFeed writer David Mack tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the photograph and Parker's costume, which is already going viral. Parker even posed like Obama in the portrait, sitting with her hand under her chin. To top it all off, her little sister Ava dressed as her police escort.

Curry told BuzzFeed that Parker talks about Michelle Obama every day, telling people that they are "friends." In fact, she did meet the former first lady shortly after the photo went viral. Obama shared a video of the pair dancing to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," and wrote, "Keep on dreaming big for yourself...and maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you!"

Although Obama hasn't acknowledged the costume on social media yet, we won't be surprised if she does. Curry said she thinks Parker's inspiration will be "just as tickled as you and I are."


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