Michelle Obama Just Met The Little Girl Who Was Captivated By Her Portrait

“Keep on dreaming big for yourself.”

Former first lady Michelle Obama finally met Parker Curry, the two-year old girl who went viral for her adorable reaction to Obama's official National Portrait Gallery portrait.  

"Parker, I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you today," Obama captioned a Twitter video of her and Parker

 having a mini-dance party. 

Of course the internet gushed over this incredibly precious moment.

The former FLOTUS ended her post with a powerful message that reminds us just how important it is for children of color to have role models that represent them. "Keep on dreaming big for yourself," Obama wrote. "And maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you!"

Last month, Obama shared why her painting is much more than just another portrait in the National Portrait Gallery. In Obama's Instagram post unveiling the artwork, she wrote:

"As a young girl, even in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined this moment. Nobody in my family has ever had a portrait - there are no portraits of the Robinsons or the Shields from the South Side of Chicago. This is all a little bit overwhelming, especially when I think about all of the young people who will visit the National Portrait Gallery and see this, including so many young girls and young girls of color who don't often see their images displayed in beautiful and iconic ways. I am so proud to help make that kind of history. "

The photo in which Parker stands awestruck in front of Obama's official portrait, painted by Amy Sherald, was captured by fellow gallery dweller Ben Hines and has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook. According to BuzzFeed, Parker's mom Jessica Curry was trying to get her little girl to turn around to take a photo in front of the artwork but Parker was just too fixated on the piece. "She had a little moment," Curry  told the outlet. "In the world we live in today, I'm just trying to raise a little girl who has opportunities to see women who look like her doing great things."

Curry also said that Parker thinks of Michelle Obama as if she's royalty. 

l"In further discussion with (Parker) yesterday and today, I realized that she believes Michelle Obama is a queen, and she wants to be a queen as well ...," Curry told CNN. "As a female and as a girl of color, It's really important that I show her people who look like her that are doing amazing things and are making history so that she knows she can do it."


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