Michelle Obama Is Comedic Gold On Fallon Show. Sign Her Up For A New Career.

She could have a second career in comedy.

We've all heard of the evolution of dance right? It's that video where a guy does popular dances through the decades. Well, this is kind of like that... but for moms.

Michelle Obama was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show and they both blew us away with their skit "The Evolution Of Mom Dancing." 

Dressed in matching cardigans, Fallon and Obama performed a montage of so-called "mom" dances such as the "One Move Behind In Zumba Class" and the "You Go Girl." 

The First Lady killed it with her hilarious moves. She only stopped once, when Fallon tried to get her to do "The Barack Dance."  

But she got her revenge by imitating the silly way Jimmy dances. 


"One Move Behind In Zumba Class"

"You Go Girl"

Check out their skit below to see Fallon and Obama's other hilarious dance moves.

Share these killer "mom dance moves" with your friends for a laugh. 


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