Michelle Obama Shares Hopeful Words With Ellen About Today's Political Climate

"That's what it means to lead with hope and not fear."

"Don't you miss her?" Ellen DeGeneres asked her audience when she welcomed Michelle Obama onto her show for Thursday's episode. When you hear what the former first lady had to say about staying hopeful in today's political climate, your answer to that question will likely be "Yes!"

DeGeneres started off by saying that she feels "frightened" by what's happening in the world. In response, Mrs. Obama encouraged the audience to continue doing "the good things that we do every day and we know we do it," including empathy and caring. "That's what it means to lead with hope and not fear," she continued. "And that's all we have is hope."


She also reminded Americans to show empathy not only "when people make you feel good or safe," but rather "all across the board," adding, to applause from the audience, "We have to be an open-hearted nation, and that's who we are. And that's the truth of who we are."

Mrs. Obama also updated DeGeneres on life after the White House. "Home is where we make it," she said of their move to a new house in Washington, so daughter Sasha can finish school. "We were in the White House for eight years, but it wasn't the house, it was us in it. It was our values and our love for each other. We just moved that to another house."

Since today's episode celebrates DeGeneres' 60th birthday, Mrs. Obama brought along some gifts from their favorite store, CVS — including a Barack Obama chia pet. She even laughed at DeGeneres' quip about the hair not being gray.

Check out Michelle Obama's appearance in the videos below:


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