Michelle Obama Opens Up About What She'll Miss Most In Special 'Ellen' Appearance

Bradley Cooper and Stephen Curry also show up.

Michelle Obama was a special co-host on The Ellen Show Tuesday afternoon. During her appearance, she spoke to host and comedy icon Ellen DeGeneres about what she'll miss the most when her family leaves the White House in January.


The first lady said the hardest part will be saying goodbye to the people that she and her family have lived with for the past eight years.

She explained to DeGeneres that not only have White House staff helped raise her daughters, who have grown up in the White House, but the staff have also taken care of her and Barack.

But the interview wasn't all reminiscing about the good ol' days. To Obama's complete shock, a bearded Bradley Cooper ran out from backstage to take a selfie with the co-hosts. He also spoke about that one time his tuxedo didn't fit at a state dinner and he had to "86 the underwear." Very stately.

After Cooper showed up, athlete Stephen Curry also sat down to talk about golfing with Barack and even got some advice from Michelle about trash-talking the president. (Evidently, it's all about making fun of the ears.)

It will be sad to see Obama and fam take their leave in 2017, considering the first lady's many contributions to the nation (and to pop culture). During her time at the White House, Obama developed a healthy eating and exercise routine with her #GimmeFive plan and encouraged women to take a stand against sexism. She also competed in a fair few dance-offs with DeGeneres.

We're excited to see what a post-Oval Office Obama looks like and what projects she'll tackle next.


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