Artist Creates Accessories That Make A Statement, But Not Only A Fashion One

"My body. My Business."

If you ask any woman, chances are she'll tell you that accessories are all about making a statement. 

Michele Pred, a Swedish-American conceptual artist, created the series of handbags and hatboxes that do make a statement — quite literally. And they are all about reproductive rights.


"The main aim of putting the women's rights messages on the purses is to create small-scale political billboards," Pred told A+.

Pred said she was inspired in large part by the fact that a woman's right to choose is still under assault and "negative attitudes toward basic health care, like birth control, stubbornly persist."

The artist titled her series "Promote the General Welfare," which as her website explains is borrowed from the first line in the US Constitution.

The series features a variety of handbags, including two-sided "PRO-CHOICE" handbags — a limited edition of only 48 pieces.

These purses light up using Electroluminescent Wire, be it in neon pink or blue, and can be set on either flash mode or steady "on."

The series also include handbags made out of expired and unwanted birth control pills.

The artist states on her website that she used them as an expression of her "frustration over the continuing and growing impediments to fair, safe and affordable access to birth control and other women's services in the United States". Thanks to social media and various media oulets, Pred managed to source roughly 24,000 birth control pills for her project. If you do the math, that's a pill a day for almost 66 years.

All purses and hatboxes featured in the series are vintage and date back to the early 60s. Pred managed to get her hands on all of them via E-bay.

These certainly do make a statement. We want to know what you think.

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