Michael Strahan And Jimmy Fallon Ring In The New School Year With A Tricycle Race

With heavy backpacks to boot.

On Wednesday night's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon chose to commemorate the start of a brand-new school year by challenging guest Michael Strahan to a giant tricycle race through a school-themed course.

The route through the studio featured encouraging cheerleaders, a hallway full of lockers, a rowdy classroom, a marching band, and, of course, those kids who hang out in the back parking lot who you should probably stay away from. 


Things got a little messy.

But possibly the most realistic part of the entire set-up was the added challenge of wearing backpacks filled with 20 pounds of books, "in solidarity with students everywhere."

Unfortunately, that's not too far off from what a lot of students carry to and from school every single day. One report discovered sixth graders carrying backpacks weighing on average 18.4 pounds, with some as heavy as 30 pounds. 

Whether they're riding giant tricycles or catching the school bus, students definitely have a lot on their plates — or, more accurately, their backs. So it's a good thing Jimmy Fallon has so many fun videos to help them (and the rest of us) de-stress.

Find out who finished in first place below:


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