This Cat Meant To Go On 'American Ninja Warrior', But Somehow Ended Up At A Baseball Game

An MVP for the ages.

The Miami Marlins played the Atlanta Braves last night (April 11) on the team's home turf for opening night, but, just before the sixth inning, they were joined by an unexpected visitor: a stray cat.

The feline — who was dubbed Rally Cat — was spotted in centerfield below the padding on the wall where doors are located. When approached by players and officials, the cat made a mad dash, scaled the wall like a pro, and found a resting spot on the home run sculpture.

Check out the feline's crazy antics here:


Seriously, with everyone cheering, it was like American Ninja Warrior for this little creature!

This whole incident led to the official Twitter account for the Marlins using a lot of cat-inspired puns and even starting a poll asking fans to help them come up with a name for their new team member.

Elsewhere on the internet, there were plenty of GIFs capturing the feline in all its glory. Plus, the furry visitor got its very own Twitter account, too.

After the cat was isolated on the home run sculpture, fans were kept abreast of its movements as everyone's priority seemed to be its safety. In the end, though, the attention-grabbing animal was rescued only to then run off and escape once more — hopefully to return another night.

In the end, the Marlins beat the Braves by a score of 8-4, but Rally Cat was the real winner.

(H/T: SBNation)


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