Tween Girls Sword Dance On Horses Like It's Nothing In MIA's New Video

Well then.

MIA has a reputation for coming out with gorgeous, creative videos, and her latest does not disappoint. "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border," as her newest short is called, features two of her songs with dancers from two countries. The first, "Swords," takes place in India and shows young girls dancing with swords and giant metal rods — sometimes while standing on horses — like it's what every 12 year old does in her spare time. At one point they're even rapidly slicing vegetables off each others' necks, because if chopping cucumbers doesn't involve blades nearly ripping out your jugular you are clearly the personification of elevator music. 

MIA said the sword scenes were filmed in a temple in India, but didn't specify where exactly it was. We hope to find out soon because the next time we end up in a skillfully choreographed street fight we need these girls around to back us up.


Girl Scouts gotta earn their Zorro badge somehow.

The sweet little face that will end you.

As the video transitions into "Warrior," MIA heads to Côte d'Ivoire to show us someone else doing things we didn't know humans could do.

According to a tweet by MIA, it took two years to track down the dancer. It's frankly exhausting just to look at him. He's like breakdancing meets the moonwalk meets a really well-coordinated Tickle Me Elmo. What do this guy's calves look like?

Watch MIA kick it with some of India and Côte d'Ivoire's most jaw-dropping dancers here:


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