The ‘Official Spokespersons For Mexican Americans’ Have A Bone To Pick With Trump’s Wall

“Our family tree will linger longer than your labels.”

A trio of slam poets named Rooster Martinez, Chibbi, and Eddie V say they've caught wind of some "nonsense, shenanigans, [and] dare we say, bullshit" regarding Mexican Americans, and they're speaking their truth in a three-and-a-half-minute Write About Now Poetry performance, "Mexican American Men."


The guys introduce themselves "the official spokespersons for Mexican Americans," especially since Latinx identities are often conflated. "Have you ever noticed that the only recognizable heroes who speak for us in the media are Cheech and Chong, Jennifer Lopez, Benjamin Bratt, and Sofia Vergara's titties?" they say. "Did you also notice that none of them, besides Cheech, are even Mexican?

And as spokespersons, the trio has an important message for anyone holding racist or xenophobic views, anyone who would try to build a wall to keep them out of the United States, anyone who would appropriate their culture, and anyone who would reduce them to stereotypes.

"Our roots were firmly planted before your ghosts set foot on this country," they say. "Our family tree will linger longer than your labels. Your apathy toward history may be an attempt to throw dirt on my family, but a cactus flower will bloom even in the harshest heat."

If you thought those were powerful verses, just wait until they define "Mexican American" at the climax of their performance. 

Watch the poem in full below:


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