This Is The Reason Why All These Meteorologists Are Wearing The Exact Same Dress

What on Earth is going on?

If you've been watching U.S. news lately, you might have noticed meteorologists have been looking a tad similar. But it's not the way they talk, or the way they're wearing their hair. There's something else unusually similar about them... 

Look no further, because we have the answer. 

Turns out meteorologists around the country are rocking the exact same dress. 

Yep. Take a look below:


It's not the infamous dress that divided the Internet a few months back, but rather a different garment entirely. 

This is what happens when someone shares a link to a $23 dress to a closed Facebook group for female meteorologists, Imgur user Fujitagirl83 explains.

The dress comes in seven different colors, from hot pink to classic black, and can be snatched on And for just $23, it's quite a steal, so it's hardly surprising that everyone simply had to have it after one meteorologist posted the link. 

"Many female meteorologists are subject to a strict dress code for what they can and cannot wear on air," Shelby Hays, a KOCO Meteorologist from Oklahoma, explained to Tech Insider. "Patterns are considered 'too busy' and there are often regulations on sleeve length or style."

Looks like this one ticks all the meteorologists' dress code requirement boxes. 


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