Bullies Tell Pregnant Meteorologist Her Big Baby Bump is 'Gross.' She Fires Back.

Maybe they should concentrate on her reports instead of her weight.

Fat-shaming has become a sort of pasttime for some folks, whether it's making fun of someone for their everyday weight or judging new moms for not losing their "baby fat" fast enough.

It's now gone so far that some women are being bullied about their weight during pregnancy. Really? Forgive us if we're missing something, but women don't need to be skinny... especially while they're carrying a baby. 

Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon from Global News got a number of letters insulting her for being "too big" while pregnant. At first she tried to shake it off, but after realizing it had affected her self-esteem, she responded on air. 

And her co-workers backed her up. 


Gordon read some mean excerpts from the letters.

Then she responded.

Her co-workers made sure they gave a few parting "shots" to the mean letter writers.

As a woman who studied science, Gordon should be evaluated based on her weather reporting skills, not what she looks like. 

Haters gonna hate, but, luckily, people are standing up and putting them in their place. 

Watch her response on air.

Stand up to fat-shamers. 


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