Watch This Weather Dude Lose It Over Rarely Seen Weather Phenomenon

Someone sure likes his job.

This is what happens when a super passionate meteorologist gets to experience a rare weather phenomenon.


The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore lost all composure and went wild when he found himself in the midst of a recent freak winter storm that resulted in "thundersnow."

"Oh, yes, yes, yes! We got it, baby!"

What is thundersnow? Well, it's pretty much the same as a typical thunderstorm, except its thunder is accompanied by snow instead of rain. Hearing thunder during a snowstorm is actually an incredibly rare occurrence. 

According to Slate:

"Thundersnow happens only in particularly powerful snowstorms with especially strong updrafts. The sound of thunder in thundersnow is dampened, too, by all the snowflakes—you've got to be nearly underneath it to hear it."

Not only did the meteorologist get to report on it, but he captured the lightning on camera... a whopping 6 times. 

We just can't get our eyes off the meteorologist's ecstatic reaction. At least someone's having a blast in this deep freeze.

See Cantore in action in the video below.


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