This Lionel Messi Goal Will Make You Fall Out Of Your Chair From Sheer Amazement

A little wizard.

On Saturday, Lionel Messi and Barcelona took on Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey Final. The Catalan giants came out on top with a 3-1 victory to claim their 27th Copa Del Rey Trophy.

For those who may not know of this classic and massive game in the Spanish league, La Liga, here's the deal.

The Copa Del Rey is a tournament within La Liga. It is normally dominated by the top teams and is always a huge and prestigious victory for any team that manages to win the knockout tournament.

It does not, however, cement which team wins La Liga, but is more or less the second best achievement for any Spanish team. A team wins La Liga by finishing with the most points from victories and ties throughout the season, which Barcelona already has done. 

This now puts Barcelona on the path to win the "The Treble", which consists of winning La Liga, the Copa Del Rey and the UEFA Champions Cup final. They will take on the Italian team Juventus from Serie A on June 6.


However, this year's Copa Del Rey victory might be best remembered by Lionel Messi's completely wondrous goal early on in the first half.

It started in 20 minutes in as Messi takes the ball far up on the right wing.

And this is where Messi's magic and unbelievable skill come into play. He somehow takes a seemingly innocuous pass and turns it into a goal you will remember for the rest of your life.

He beats that defender easily, but then is immediately swarmed by two other Bilbao players who probably wish they weren't in this highlight.

What is Messi to do now?

Most players would double back and find an open man to pass to. Not Messi, though. Instead, he stops mid-dribble, deftly skipping it past his defenders foot.

But he still has to get by two more defenders. Instead of going around, Messi literally goes through them by sneaking it between their legs!


But it's not even over! He still has to score, which is when he takes the ball into the box, completely dekes a defender and then snuggly curls the ball into the near right corner!!! Watch below to witness the magic.

Truly remarkable.

This goal has already become world famous, but this is nothing new for Messi, who does this sort of thing "on the reg."

Somewhere Jerome Boateng is like "I tried to warn you guys..."

Now here's a mashup of Steph Curry and Messi making their defenders look silly.

Catch the full highlights from the game here.


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