This Mermaid-Themed Engagement Photoshoot Proves Everything Truly Is Better Under The Sea

"A proposal is a fairytale moment …"

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only one mermaid for Eric Martinez, a man from San Antonio, Texas, who planned an otherworldly marriage proposal for his girlfriend Cammy Rynae Cuoco.


While vacationing in Riviera Maya, Mexico on June 8, Martinez worked with photographer Polly Dawson from Del Sol Photography to set up a series of romantic surprises for Cuoco.

Knowing she admired the photography company's Instagram, Martinez contacted Del Sol two months before their trip to plan each and every part of the elaborate engagement. "I wanted it to be so memorable and so special and obviously unforgettable," Martinez told ABC News. "I didn't want to do a plain Jane proposal ... That's the way I am." 

Under the guise of a "holiday portrait session," the couple had their pictures taken while walking through the jungle until they eventually came to a cave. 

"When I first spoke to Eric I knew the location I wanted to photograph his proposal in straight away. The cenote with the rays of light entering is the definition of an epic proposal location!" Dawson wrote on the Del Sol blog. "The cave is so quiet and calm and has a really special atmosphere ... I asked Eric and Cammy to stand in the rays of light and there was a pause … It genuinely was one of those moments where time stands still – where the air hangs heavy with anticipation." 

With sunlight streaming down on them, Martinez got on one knee and popped the question to Cuoco, who immediately said yes. "I was soooo surprised!! I'd hoped Eric would propose in Mexico, but never did I think he would go to such great lengths to make it so magical for me," Cuoco wrote on the Del Sol blog. "I was just literally in awe." 

Photo by Del Sol Photography 

But her fairytale dreams were only just beginning to come true.

After the first proposal, Martinez surprised Cuoco again with an underwater, mermaid-themed proposal. "My favorite princess was always Ariel from The Little Mermaid," Cuoco told HuffPost. "Mermaids are magical and get to explore the vast depths of the sea. And how perfect that I get to have a Prince Eric of my very own." Cuoco also received a mermaid tail, custom-made by Dawson, who used to work in fashion. "I stalked Cammy on Instagram to more or less guess her size, then went ahead, made the tail and crossed my fingers it would fit!" the photographer added to the publication.

For the second proposal, Martinez pulled out a big red Ring Pop as a prop engagement ring that would show up well in the underwater photos. 

Dawson later "bling-ed the ring-pop up" using Photoshop. That's also how she completed Cuoco's transformation into a full-finned mermaid. By "softening the line between the tail and [Cuoco's] skin" and replacing her bikini top with mermaid scales, Dawson created one last surprise for the newly-engaged couple. "It wasn't in the original plan at all!" she wrote on the blog. "...[But] a proposal is a fairytale moment … let's play with that idea!" 

The couple plans to continue creating these fairytale moments with a destination wedding in Mexico. If their engagement photos are any indication, the ones taken on their special day will be even more magical.

A Plus has reached out to Eric Martinez and Cammy Rynae Cuoco for comment. 


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