Mother's 'Sea Of Gray Hair' Inspires Her To Love Her Body, And Appreciate All That She's Been Through

"I've earned this."

As we get older, we must adjust to our changing bodies and minds. This can be especially difficult for women, whose youth and looks are often celebrated above all else in the media, making some women feel they aren't allowed to age at all. For this reason, it can be hard to find peace with such bodily changes. But one mother-of-three, Meredith Masony, is no longer letter her insecurities rule her. 

Masony recently opened up about her ever-changing appearance on her Facebook page by reflecting on her early-twenties, and all the struggles she faced. 

"When I was in my early twenties, I was super critical of my body. I was never satisfied with my looks. I wanted to be thinner, tighter, and I wanted breast implants," she writes. "Now that I'm 36, I have to laugh. I wasn't able to appreciate my body back then. I think part of that was because I didn't really know who I was. I was insecure and lacked confidence."

Over the last 12 years, Masony gave birth to three children and underwent four surgeries. She writes that her body has been affected by breastfeeding, and she has cellulite and stretch marks. She says she was afraid of other people seeing those "imperfections."

But recently, after taking a moment to look at her "sea of gray hair," Masony realized something: she was OK with it all. "I've earned this," she writes. 

After learning to love herself, Masony says that her relationships have grown stronger. And she wants other women to find this type of love, too.

"You can learn to love yourself. You can learn to find happiness. If you are struggling please know that you are not alone. Your insecurities do not need to rule your life. You are enough. You are beautiful. Your imperfections make you amazing. They make you strong. They make you courageous and unstoppable."


"The best thing I ever did for myself was [to] find myself. If you are lost, I promise you are still in there. Keep searching. Take the time to listen to the voice in your head and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You are enough. You are beautiful. You are perfectly imperfect."

Since sharing her post, Mosony's words have been liked over 7 thousand times. Other mothers have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts, too.

"I am more comfortable with my body now than I ever have been," one person writes. I'm at my highest weight ... [I] have had three kids ... [I] have all the gray hair that comes with [it] (I'm 32 and have way more than you lol), but I'm happy and confident being me."

"Thank you. After kids, 12 surgeries, transplants, chemotherapy, and starting over in life more times than one should, I am so very proud of my gray hair, every scar, wrinkle, stretch mark, and imperfections I have," another writes. "Why? Because I am alive, I have lived enough days to watch the sag, drag, and imperfections of life on my body. I have gotten to do that with the people I love. I get another shot to show myself how badass I am and tell others they are too."

Masony is among those women who've spoken about learning to love their bodies, especially as mothers. Last year, Brenda DeRouen recreated Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein campaign to show off her stretch marks. Shortly after, Kendra Wilkinson shared a body-positive photo on Instagram for Mother's Day. 

We applaud these women for sharing their stories and hope others find support from their words, too.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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