This Self-Driving Car Is Going To Change Everything

Check it out.

This is the future of luxury automobiles.


We've arrived in the year 2030, and we've arrived in style. 

The car is called the F 015 and its self-driving-inspired design sounds like something taken straight out of a sci-fi movie. As Mercedes-Benz says, it is "luxury in motion."

It's also a stunning glimpse into what self-driving cars may be like a few decades from now.

Unlike many other companies' landmark innovations in the field, the F 015 was not a proof-of-concept exercise, as The New York Times observed. We know we can create self-driving cars, and we know they can work.  

But if our cars can capably drive themselves, how does that change the ride for the passengers?

The answer is significantly. 

In addition to the gorgeous exterior of the car, it also has gadgets galore inside geared to send rider experience through the (GPS-equipped) roof.

The entire side panel is made up of an LCD, which you can use to make calls, control music, and more.

It does have a steering wheel, but the seats don't face it.

One day, Mercedes-Benz F 015, you shall be ours.

Watch The Verge go for a spin in the video below. SO LUCKY.


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