Watch This Slam Poet Show What Truly Makes America Great In Her Open Letter To Donald Trump

"This land is ours for the keeping, and we ain't going nowhere. We're here to stay."

Mercedez Holtry is here to stay.


The slam poet delivered this forceful message to Donald Trump on June 17 at this year's Women of the World Poetry Slam

In an open letter to the Republican presidential candidate front-runner, Holtry, who identifies as a Chicana, gave him — and her rapt audience — a much-needed history lesson. 

"It seems as if you forgot that ... the soil I soak my sweat in, the land I call home," she said, "Once belonged to Aztecas ... Indigenous peoples who were then enslaved, raped, and murdered by white men who kinda look like you." 

Later in her poem, Holtry continued, "The funny thing about history, Donald, is that it loves to repeat itself."

In many ways, she is right. History has repeated itself time and again, but it has also changed — because of strong, diverse voices like hers.

Though our culture still has far to go, those who have been "kept out of America" long before Trump's wall-building campaign do have more channels, mediums, and opportunities to speak out against oppression now than ever before. 

As Holtry notes, knowledge — or lack thereof — can change the course of human history.

It can ensure history repeats itself or it can prevent it. By using her voice to hold Trump accountable, Holtry is doing everything she can to ensure the latter. 

She — and the millions of people who look like her — plan to do even more come November. 

Ending her poem with an election day prophecy, she declared: "Watch, how the Latino vote ... when we come together, with our fists raised high, you will finally learn your history — that this land is ours for the keeping, and we ain't going nowhere. We're here to stay."  

Watch the poetically powerful video below:


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