After Watching This Video, You Will Never See Colors The Same Way Again

What a colorful world.

Color is everywhere. In fact, we are so used to its existence that we rarely even notice it or take time to appreciate it. 

But just imagine what the world would be like without color. Not even black and white! What if everything just submerged into a vast, pale nothingness. Would you still be able to tell night from day? New from old?

To make sure we don't forget how important colors are in our everyday lives, California-based filmmaker duo Daniel and Katina Mercadante created a video that invites people to celebrate this natural wonder.


Their video is a collection of shots arranged by the color they represent. Starting with bright yellow cabs...

... and continuing on to feature the cold, metallic blueness that hovers over a city in the mornings.

From the mouth-watering hues of a $1 pepperoni pizza...

... to subtly pinkish ballerina attire, every second of Mercadantes' video is bursting with familiar colors from our mundane world.

Watch the full video below and embrace the colors in your life!


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