'Meowllennials' Are The Next Generation of Pawsome Internet Celebs Helping Stray Kittens

Because doing good is always the cat's meow.

Millennials are known for many things — loving avocado toast, memes, and listicles, eating way too much kale, and acting surprisingly similar to kittens, to name just a few. 

At least, that's the premise behind Meowllennials, a new, charitable online video series created by Evite, a digital invitation and social event planning service, in partnership with Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a non-profit, community-based animal welfare organization. 

Together, the organizations will use the online videos to feature adoptable kittens doing tried and true Millennial activities, such as going to brunch and hitting the dance floor. The series launched on Friday, August 4, with each episode including a call to action encouraging viewer donations, 100 percent of which will go directly to Kitty Bungalow through Evite's additional partnership with Pledgeling

A sneak preview of all the awwwww-dorableness that is to come.  Giphy

And though it might seem silly to equate young adults with baby animals, project manager Julian Clark thinks millennials and kittens are a purrfect match. (After all, they're both social, interested in shiny objects, and can't afford to own a home.) "A lot of people don't realize the emotional powers that come from an animal's love. They connect people, bond us to our friends and become members of our family," he explained in a statement. "... I hope this video connects people. From those commenting on the videos to those sharing, I want people to be brought together for something good. And nothing is better than animals and animal adoption."

This isn't the first time kittens have used their cuteness for the greater good. In February, Icelandic broadcaster Nutiminn created "a cooperation project" with The Icelandic Cat Protection Society called Keeping Up With The Kattarshians (KUWTK) to find forever homes for kittens and raise awareness for pet adoption in Iceland. Though KUWTK takes the form of a constant livestream of four kittens in an oversized dollhouse, its immediate viral success proves the next generation of internet celebs are the pint-sized pieces of purrfection

Interested viewers can watch this and subsequent episodes of Meowllennials on YouTube


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