Teacher Gifts New Students 'Jitter Glitter' To Ease Their Back-To-School Anxiety

"I can't get over how thoughtful this is."

While Jayne Hardy and her family spent the summer preparing her 4-year-old daughter, Peggy, for her first day of kindergarten, the young girl was still scared to start school. 

"We made sure we spoke about school throughout the holidays," Hardy told Babble. "When we drove past, we would all wave, and we spoke about nerves, what they feel like and ways to cope with them."

However, Peggy's new teacher sent every student a surprise in the mail that ultimately quelled Peggy's fears and filled her with the peace of mind she needed to conquer her first day with confidence.

According to Hardy, Peggy's teacher sent her incoming kindergartner class "Jitter Glitter." Though it's not a new concept, these small packets of glitter have become increasingly popular in recent years in an effort to support students' mental health and development. Each packet comes with a short poem, much like the one Hardy shared on Twitter, which acknowledges kids' nerves on the eve of the first day of school. 

Whether they're starting a new school or new grade, each child's advised to hold onto the glitter or sprinkle it somewhere important, such as their backpack or bed pillow, to help ease their anxiety about the impending transition.


Hardy, the creator of Blurt and author of The Self-Care Project, makes her living as an advocate for mental health.

"As someone who campaigns for mental health awareness, I felt incredibly reassured that Peggy was going to be in the care of someone who would be mindful of her emotional needs," Hardy told Babble.

"I think normalizing conversations surrounding not feeling okay and making room for communication rather than urging [kids] to pop on a brave face is incredibly important," she added.

But, when it came to assuaging Peggy's fears, her new teacher's gift truly did the trick. As Hardy told CaféMom, Peggy's bravery was on full display as she embarked upon the first day of her school career. In fact, she's already wise beyond her years, as she decided to ration her glitter in case of future emergencies. 

"Peggy wouldn't let us use it all because she wanted to save some in case she gets the jitters again."

With all that glitter in reserve, it's safe to say Peggy will never let anyone dull her sparkle.

Cover image via ESB Professional / Shutterstock


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